Who We Are

The Caleb Group believes that dependable, affordable housing is an essential component of a stable life for individuals and families. But housing itself isn’t enough. Residents and their communities flourish when they are supported by the kinds of programs and resources that Caleb’s Service Coordinators and Community Opportunity Centers provide. Founded in 1992, we own, manage and/or provide resident service coordination in 2,000 apartments or townhouses, and touch the lives of 4,480 residents in New England.

Service Coordination

As part of The Caleb Group’s mission to provide assistance beyond housing, each community has a Service Coordinator who helps to create an encouraging support system for residents. The Caleb Group Service Coordinators help residents overcome adversity, prosper and move on with their lives by providing direct and indirect services, community programming and referrals. They focus on community engagement, financial stability, health and family support, and youth programming.


Service Coordinators create programs that provide children with the activities and resources that contribute to a healthy childhood, allow older residents to age in place, and help the vulnerable to stabilize and thrive. Our programs include summer day camps and after-school programs to maintain learning levels and give families safe, fun, healthy choices for their children; health clinics for our older residents; community gardens that provide multigenerational learning opportunities; financial literacy programs; educational scholarships for residents; and social programs that build a sense of community just to name a few.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • We manage each property responsibly in compliance with all regulations and investor agreements.
  • We always pay our creditors on time.
  • We focus on delivering results for our stakeholders.

Environmental Responsibility

  • We are committed to green building practices within our communities such as solar panels, high efficiency heating systems, Energy star appliances, and high-efficiency lighting fixtures.
  • We have cleaned up environmentally contaminated sites.
  • We look for and preserve green space within our communities.

Responsible Stewardship

Since 1992, the Caleb Group has grown steadily while remaining a responsible steward of our finances, environment, and residents.

Social Responsibility

  • We develop a service coordination plan in conjunction with all acquisitions to ensure that we support our residents.
  • We treat our residents with respect and care.
  • We provide communities with well-maintained, safe, stable affordable housing.

Other Projects

  • Abbot House – Housing for families at risk in partnership with Crittendon Women’s Union in Dorchester, MA.
  • Solidarity House – transitional housing for victims of domestic violence partnered with a community health organization in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.