The Caleb Group is a regional nonprofit affordable housing organization founded in 1992 by Warren and Joan Sawyer and Debbie Sawyer Nutter to create and provide well-managed, secure affordable housing for people with low household incomes.

The founders also believed that everyone, including residents of affordable housing, need resources and support beyond stable housing to thrive and do well. The first Caleb property was acquired and opened in 1994. Since that time The Caleb Group has steadily grown to include 36 properties, which are home to approximately 4,900 people. The Caleb Group continues to grow, expanding the portfolio and the number of affordable homes available with each passing year. The Caleb Group properties in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

As part of the organization’s mission to provide additional assistance beyond housing, each community has a community center and an on-site resident service coordinator. The resident service coordinator fosters a sense of community within the property, provides educational and enrichment programs, and connects residents to services in the wider community.

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The Caleb Group believes that a clean, safe living environment is integral to a stable life and that by working with residents through our resident service coordinator program a community of people can be fostered in which housing is a positive, supportive factor in helping people stabilize and thrive.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who bring a wide array of professional and life experience, knowledge, and caring to their role in the Caleb organization.

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Senior Staff


People who recognized the essential importance of affordable, well-managed housing to the individuals and families who need it founded the Caleb Group in 1992 and to the communities they live in. Warren Sawyer, his wife Joan, and their daughter Debbie Nutter, had experience in real estate development which they combined with their deep commitment to helping others to found The Caleb Group and the sibling organization The Caleb Foundation. Combined, the two organizations acquire, develop, preserve (in the sense of purchasing to maintain the affordable status), and manage affordable housing communities in New England. Caleb communities are in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

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