The Caleb Group was founded in 1992 by Warren and Joan Sawyer and Debra Sawyer Nutter. They created the nonprofit The Caleb Group in response to the lack of good, well managed, secure affordable housing they saw in the rental housing market and the belief that residents of affordable housing need additional assistance to stabilize and advance. Warren and Debbie brought to this effort a combined 50 years of real estate development and management.

The first Caleb property, Valley View, was opened in Bangor, Maine in 1994. Since that time The Caleb Group has steadily grown to include 29 properties which are home to approximately 4,480 people. Caleb has also been a partner in the development of special housing projects including: Abbot House a transitional residence for women and their children with Crittenton Women’s Union and a domestic violence shelter in Nicaragua.

Since the founding, The Caleb Group has steadily acquired, preserved, developed and managed affordable housing communities in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. As part of the organization’s mission to provide additional assistance beyond housing each community has a Community Opportunity Center and an on-site Service Coordinator. The Community Opportunity Center has a community room and a computer center with computers for use by residents. The Service Coordinator works to develop and nurture a sense of community within the property, provides onsite supportive, educational and enriching programs as well as works to connect residents to supportive services in the larger community.

The Caleb Group believes that a clean, safe, stable living environment is integral to a stable life and that by working with residents through our service coordinators to create a sense of community Caleb can become a positive, supportive factor in helping people stabilize and with time get out of poverty.